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Tour Three: The Expat’s Delight

Five Day Tour of Panama’s Favorite Expat & Retirement Destinations:

Panama City, Coronado Beaches, & Boquete Highlands

Explore the entirety of Panama’s thriving expat and retirement scene with this all-inclusive 5 day tour through Panama’s most beloved and foreigner-friendly communities.

You’ll start in Panama City: where modern castles brush the clouds, turquoise pools sparkle in the sunlight, and life is what you make it- whether you’re living life in the fast lane or watching it go by from your sky-high balcony

Next, you’ll explore beaches of Coronado– Panama’s #1 coastal destination. A true seaside sanctuary filled with all the amenities, luxuries, and comforts of home, Coronado is the epitome of luxury beachside living.

The Boquete Highlands feature staggering mountain views and eternal spring time weather, ideal for nature lovers and peace seekers alike. The area is famous for its captivating vistas, specialty coffee farms, and tranquil way of life.

This tour is for you if:

  • You want to see Panama’s finest real estate, in the most popular, comfortable, and established communities  
  • Cities, beaches, mountains- you love them all so much, you’re not sure which is right for you!
  • You want to live in a foreigner-friendly, English-speaking community (or, as we would call it, Gringo-land)
  • You’re retired/retiring, have a family, or are looking to meet a special someone
  • You have an idea of where you want to go, but want to explore the rest of Panama just-in-case (or just-for-fun)
  • You want to know everything you’ll ever need to know about living,  investing, and retiring in Panama
  • You just plain love a good time, with fun (though occasionally politically incorrect) people, in breathtaking backdrops that could double as a postcard, impressive profile picture, or computer desktop background

This tour includes:

    • A night in one of Panama City’s finest hotels
    • All meals (decadent cocktails included)
    • In depth summary of living, retiring, and investing in Panama, with the weeklong ability to ask us pretty much whatever you want.*
    • Full day tour of Panama City and available real estate listings
    • Full day tour of the Coronado Beach area and available real estate listings
    • A night in luxurious oceanfront models in Coronado (similar to your could-be home!) Wine and snacks included.
    • Full day tour of the Boquete Highlands and available real estate listings
    • A night in one of Boquete’s finest hotels
    • The chance to talk with real locals, expats, retirees, and vacation homeowners from around the country who will tell you (often whether or not you care to hear it) about their personal experiences living in Panama.**
    • Packet summary of all the places you’ve seen, important information on Panama, and advice for next possible steps
    • Cost: $1299/person

*Ideally, all questions will be Panama-related, but we will do our best to counsel you through your foot fungus dilemma, wayward teenagers, last-10-pounds, or whatever the case may be.

**Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for overly talkative or tipsy restaurant goers. (Unless we were buying the rounds.)

On this tour, you will learn:

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  • The pros and cons of living in Panama City, Coronado, and the Boquete Highlands
  • Legal Logistics- Need-to-know laws on living, retiring, and investing in Panama
  • Business and real estate investment trends and advice
  • Street Smarts- Tips, tricks, and little-known secrets for day-to-day living in Panama
  • The “Good”– Highlights of living in Panama including favorite expat hangouts, hidden gems, must-see-to-believe tidbits, where to meet people, and where to get the best darn ____ in the city.
  • The “Bad”– What most people won’t tell you about living in Panama
  • What living in Panama is really like- without the rose colored lenses
  • Whether or not Panama is right for you



June 18, 2013