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Tour Four: (Almost) Everything

Seven day tour of just about everywhere you might want to live in Panama- from polished penthouses to Old-World bungalows.

 Panama City, Coronado, El Valle, Boquete, Las Tablas

Want to see it all? Explore the depths of Panama? Penetrate the hidden (and not-so-hidden) nooks and crannies of this tropical paradise?

Then this is the tour for you.

Navigate the ivory towers of Panama City, the sky-high heart and soul of Panama. Get a taste of life in the luxurious lane, where a non-stop and neon-lit skyline provides you with everything you need for a heightened lifestyle.

Next, relax to the sounds of waves lapping against the shore in Coronado, Panama’s #1 expat, retirement, and vacation community on the coast. See why Coronado has been dubbed “a seaside playground” by folks of all ages, and watch the sun set through a cocktail glass on your private oceanfront balcony.

Then, tap into the evergreen landscape of El Valle and Boquete, Panama’s top mountain towns, located in the highlands. See the raw beauty of the landscape, where staggering mountains merge into rolling plains for a seemingly infinite vista. A nature-lover’s dream, both of these quiet and vibrant communities are teeming with tropical flora, fauna, and ambience.

Last, you’ll unearth the coastal sanctuary of Las Tablas, an up-and-coming area featuring jaw dropping views, spectacular surf, and an humble townstead that’s as friendly as it laid-back. Popular with the locals for fishing, surfing, and hiking, Las Tablas features an off-the-beaten path lifestyle that sets the stage for relaxation and adventure.

This tour is for you if:

      • You want to see everything that Panama has to offer
      • You’re fairly open-minded about where you want to live, invest, or retire. What you want is options.
      • Cities, mountains, beaches…you love them all!
      • You just want to know what’s out there
      • You want to see the real Panama- behind-the-brochure
      • You have an adventurous attitude (or can at least maintain one for a week!)
      • You’re a nature-lover, beach bum, surfer, mountain climber, horseback rider, hiker, would like to be, or just plain love the outdoors
      • You’re an investment-minded individual, looking for the next real estate goldmine
      • You just plain love a good time, with fun people, in breathtaking locations

This tour includes:

          • A night in one of Panama City’s finest hotels
          • All meals (decadent cocktails included)
          • In depth summary of living, retiring, and investing in Panama, with the weeklong ability to ask us pretty much whatever you want.*
          • Full day tour of Panama City and available real estate listings
          • Full day tour of the Coronado Beach area and available real estate listings
          • A night in luxurious oceanfront models in Coronado (similar to your could-be home!) Wine and snacks included.
          • Full day tour of the Boquete Highlands and available real estate listings
          • Full day tour of El Valle and available real estate listings
          • Full day tour of Las Tablas and available real estate listings
          • Week-long lodging in some of Panama’s finest hotels
          • The chance to talk with real locals, expats, retirees, and vacation homeowners from around the country who will tell you (often whether or not you care to hear it) about their personal experiences living in Panama.**
          • Packet summary of all the places you’ve seen, important information on Panama, and advice for next possible steps
          • Cost: $1499/person

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*Ideally, all questions will be Panama-related, but we will do our best to counsel you through your foot fungus dilemma, wayward teenagers, last-10-pounds, or whatever the case may be.

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**Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for overly talkative or tipsy restaurant goers. (Unless we were buying the rounds.)

On this tour, you will learn:

              • The pros and cons of living in Panama City, Coronado, El Valle, Boquete, and Las Tablas
              • Which community lifestyle is right for you
              • Legal Logistics- Need-to-know laws on living, retiring, and investing in Panama
              • Business and real estate investment trends and advice
              • Street Smarts- Tips, tricks, and little-known secrets for day-to-day living in Panama
              • The “Good”– Highlights of living in Panama including favorite expat hangouts, hidden gems, must-see-to-believe tidbits, where to meet people, and where to get the best darn ____ in the city.
              • The “Bad”– What most people won’t tell you about living in Panama
              • What living in Panama is really like- without the rose colored lenses
              • Whether or not Panama is right for you


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June 18, 2013